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Preserve the Love of a Pet with a Portrait

Updated: May 9, 2023

The adage, Man’s Best Friend, is one of the most endearing terms in our language. Everyone knows what it means. Even the Cat lover knows that it refers to a Dog’s undeniable love for their owners and in return, they receive it back ten-fold. This bond between Man and Dog, is sacred to both parties and has endured for millennia and will continue. Pets are never forgotten after they pass. Years and decades may separate them from their owners in life, but their unique personality, quirks, loyalty and their memories remain deep in the heart of their owners and the families who loved them. Cats have a different place in society, but just as important and a very strong bond to the owner families as dogs. Cat owners have loyalty to their pet equal to canines. I have heard that there are more cats in the USA than dogs. That may be a fact, but perhaps the perceived population of Dogs over Cats is greater. Pets bring so much joy to a household. Certain breeds of Dogs have reputations for being appropriate for family and home life, while others are not. Each breed needs to be studied for the value it can bring to you and vice versa. Due diligence is a must when deciding which breed you purchase so that you and your family can bring the most value to your pet. The right diet and exercise are very important and must be adhered to. In addition, the right kind and amount of behavioral training should be considered, so that the entire family experience is positive. Video and stories of pets with new-born babies has touched the heart strings as they sense, smell and exhibit nurturing tendencies towards the new arrival.

We have professionally served many families with a personalized portrait of their pet. Our passion is to provide you with a canvas image that will make you smile and engage your fondest memories of your pet, long after they are gone. If you are interested in making this a reality, call me for an appointment. We often travel to homes with our small studio set, due to the age of the subject pet or for the convenience factor.

The finished Giclee style Gallery Wrap canvasses are designed with an Old Master enhancement and crafted, ready to be displayed in your home without a frame. Framing is an option that we can discuss during your phone consultation. For families who have lost their pet, we can discuss the possibility of crafting a canvas utilizing images already in existence by the owner. Call me for more information.

Jay Buchanan, Portrait photographer – Artist.

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